Dog Behaviour Myths

Dog Behaviour Myths

June 26, 2021

Pet owners want to do their best for their dogs and understanding their behaviour is crucial to having a happy and well adjusted pet.

You Should Always Get A Puppy As Rescues Come With Too Much Baggage

Adult rescue pets are past the stages of chewing, mouthing and potty training. There are sometimes really sad circumstances that have led to the pooch being in a shelter, but we shouldn’t always assume that behaviours come from abusive situations.

Just like humans, exposure and happy memories can quickly overlay any negative memories.

If Your Dog Is Afraid Of Objects Or People They Were Probably Abused

There are many reasons why a dog may be afraid of certain objects or people and it’s not necessarily because they were abused. If your dog cowers whenever you turn on the vacuum cleaner, it doesn’t automatically mean that they were abused, they just may never have been exposed to it, or just like humans they simply dislike it.

Some dogs cower with certain people, this doesn’t automatically equate to a negative history either. It might just mean that your pup doesn’t like having their head or ears handled, or maybe they have learnt to duck away from people trying to grab their collars.

Your Dog Doesn’t Like Playing With Others So There Must Be Something Wrong

Just like humans, some dogs enjoy being sociable and others don’t. Lack of socialisation can play a part in it, but sometimes your dog just prefers solitude or being with their favourite humans.

My Dog Is Happy Because They Are Wagging Their Tail

A wagging tail does not always indicate happiness. A wagging tail is a dogs very own, unique language and can mean many things, including fear, surprise, uncertainty or aggression.

A Dog That Doesn’t Listen Is Being Dominant

Some dogs are very smart, but they just don’t have the same complex emotions as us. If your dog isn’t listening, they are not understanding what you are asking or you aren’t providing enough motivation for them to pay attention to you.

Your Dog Is Punishing You When It Destroys Your Things

Your dog might prefer your shoes because they smell like his favourite person but chewing is a natural behaviour and helps to alleviate anxiety or boredom.

Chewing inappropriate items can lead to stomach pains or obstructions, so it’s a good idea to keep your shoes away from them and provide toys to chew on that won’t hurt them

Your Dog Shows Guilt When They Misbehave

Maybe your dog looks guilty, but it’s very unlikely to be actual guilt. Instead it is more likely appeasement behaviours in response to your angry body language.

Dogs only have primary emotions and do feel secondary emotions such as guilt, jealousy or shame.

In other words, when you follow your dog around the house saying, “DID YOU DO THIS?”, your dog is reacting and responding to your body language and tone and doing his submissive dance based on this and this alone.

Digging Equals Boredom

Dogs dig for many reasons and boredom is simply not the sole reason. You can walk your dog, day and night and still find holes in your backyard. The fact is there are many contributing factors as to why dogs may dig.

Exercise is certainly important to keeping your dog happy, healthy and well balanced but a dog who is walked every day can still dig.

Digging is also a common way dogs cool down. While the act of digging up your yard may appear tiring to us, your dog is searching for a cooler surface to lay and manage his temperature.

Digging can also be due to the breed of dog. Terriers are often the main culprits as hunting for small game or rodents is instilled. Digging can also be a sign of anxiety, more commonly separation anxiety. It can also be because DOGS ARE DOGS and dogs dig, they hide their valued possessions, they have fun. It’s natural!

Dogs Are Colourblind

This is not correct, while dogs don’t see in the scale that we do, they certainly don’t see in black and white either. Dogs can see blue, yellow and green

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