Challenging Your Pooch With Nose Work

Challenging Your Pooch With Nose Work

July 6, 2021

Even though your pup’s sense of smell is much more powerful than our, they often rely on their eye sight, particularly in their home where things are familiar.

A great way to challenge your pooch and stimulate their minds is to provide nose work games.

An easy challenge is “Which Cup Has The Treat”;

* Find an area with no distraction
* Ask your dog to sit
* Show your dog a treat
* Place the treat under one of two cups
* Give your dog a command (i.e. FIND IT)
* Once your dog gestures towards the correct object, reward.

Once your pooch begins understands the game, you can start to increase the number of cups that your dog will need to search. 

Do you do Nose Work with your dog?

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