5 Services Jim’s Pet Patrol Provides That You Might Not Know About

5 Services Jim’s Pet Patrol Provides That You Might Not Know About

July 22, 2021

Let’s face it, who wants to spend their weekend cleaning up dog poo? Whether things have gotten out of hand and your need a big yard clean or you want to make it a regular occasion so that you never have to worry about it, our franchisees have you covered. We recommend at least a once weekly visit, this will ensure that your yard is fresh and clean for the whole family!

Aside from Poo Patrol, our franchisees provide many services to help you and your pooch:

Lead Training

Have you ever tried to take your dog for a walk when they are walking you? There is nothing worse than a leisurely stroll turned into a tug of war! Our franchisees can help with lead training so that your walks are more enjoyable for you and your dog


To ensure that your pup is well rounded and comfortable in all situations, Jim’s Pet Patrol provides one-on-one socialisation sessions where dogs are exposed to all different environments, such as other dogs, traffic, children and loud noises.

Dog Walking

Is your pooch at home, bored by themselves all day? Why not treat them to an adventure walk while you are out? Regular walks, once off or occasional walks are available and our franchisees love spending time with your pooch!

Pet Feeding

Why not utilise our franchisees next time you go away? We can visit your pets, play with them, take them for walks, feed them and check their water. Our franchisees are security cleared and fully insured so you know that your home and your beloved pets are in the safest of hands

Nail Clipping

Long nails can be uncomfortable and painful for your dog, they can dig into the soft tissue of the pay and cause pain when standing, walking or running. If you aren’t sure of confident clipping your dogs nails, you can cause bleeding and further discomfort. Call in the experts at Jim’s Poo Patrol!

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