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Jim’s Pet Patrol Expert Pet Care Services

Our Jim’s Pet Patrol experts specialise in a range of mobile pet care services to ensure your pets is well taken care of!

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Pet Feeding

Concerned about leaving your pet alone without proper care or feeding? Our cost-effective pet feeding service is tailored to your schedule. Whether you’re heading on vacation, attending family events, or going on a business trip, rely on us to make sure your pet receives the essential nutrition it needs.

Pet Poop Removal

Lack the time or patience to handle your pet’s waste? Delegate the unpleasant task to us; we are fully equipped not only to clean but also to sanitise your pet’s living spaces. Our expertise extends beyond dogs and cats, encompassing maintenance for bird cages and aquariums.

Pet Boarding/Daycare

Heading out for work or a getaway but hesitant to leave your pets at home? Choose our pet lodging and daycare services to put your mind at ease. We ensure that your furry companions are snug, secure, and well-tended during your absence.

pet boredom busting service

Pet House Sitting

Seeking a reliable caretaker for your fur babies at home? Explore our prompt and trustworthy pet sitting services conducted in the comfort of your own home.

Pet Boredom Busters

Is your four-legged friend feeling a bit bored or lonesome at home? Our Pet Boredom Busters service ensures regular check-ins and companionship for your pet in your absence. Our expert sitters guarantee your pets remain content and engaged, boosting pet wellness.

Pet Socialisation

Every pet benefits from developing socialisation skills to interact happily with other animals and people. Our pet socialisation training aids your fur babies in acquiring these skills, enabling them to make friends and feel at ease even when away from home.

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Dog Walking

Recognizing that dogs require exercise and mental stimulation, our dog walking services can be tailored to fit your schedule and your pup’s needs. Whether it’s a routine walk during your work hours or leash training for more enjoyable outings with your furry friend, we’ve got it covered.

Dog Behavior Training

If your canine companion is displaying challenging behaviour, our expert dog behaviour training services will transform negative habits into positive ones.

General Dog Training

Does your furry friend require basic training to enhance their behaviour and strengthen your bond? We provide general/basic and personalised dog training services catering to the unique needs of your canine companion.

Experience the Jim’s Pet Patrol Difference!

At Jim’s Pet Patrol, we’re more than just a pet care service – we’re your pet’s second-best friend! Our team of experts is dedicated to providing top-notch mobile pet care services tailored to meet your furry friend’s unique needs.

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